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still find time to meet the crowds gathered to see them

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The Reds might be famous the world over, but what about The Blues? The Red Arrows engineering team, known as The Blues have the task of making sure the aircraft are maintained for displays.

Nine engineers are chosen to form a team known as Circus, who are allocated to a pilot for the duration of the summer display season.

Circus 8 is 32 year old Corporal Ross Harrison, originally from Thorpe End.

He said: applied to work for the Reds when I joined the Air Force, but there a big waiting list, quite a lot of people apply but never get it. former Thorpe St Andrew High School said: a team of engineers of all different trades and we fly around to the shows to fix any problems and to keep the air craft jerseys mum Karen took the opportunity to come and see her son arrive in a Red Arrow.

She said: always takes me round the aircraft, this year is so specials, we been to a lot of air shows!

makes you proud to be British, it amazing.

saw the Red Arrows when he was about 18 months old in Jersey.

just dive bombed forward because of the noise!

did we know 30 years later he would be in the front seat!

“There’s ceremonial stuff on the ground and the shows are a little bit different this year.”

It’s not the first time the Red Arrows have used Norwich as a base to carry out aircraft checks and preparations between shows.

Saxon Air, based at the airport, has looked after the team for several years.

Flight Support Manager James Palmer said there was a long history between the airport and the Red Arrows.

“Traditionally we have had a long standing relationship with them, for seven years, and so they try to come here every year, its great,” he said.

“The crowd loves to see them,cheap jerseys as soon as the pilots get out of the aircraft they meet and greet people


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